Repeated Reminders for Townhomes

Suncrest Village Townhome Association – Repeated Reminders

Updated September 2021

These are the most repeated reminders related to the townhomes. For additional information, Governing Documents (Part 1and Part 2), Annual Assessments, and Special Procedures, please review the information and associated links at Owners and residents who do not follow our community rules, regulations, and policies may be subject to fines.

  • Parking: Absolutely no parking in the roadways or grass areas. Violators will be towed at the owner’s expense and may be fined by the SVTHOA. A car will be deemed to be parked in the roadway if any tire is touching the blacktop.
  • Maintain the area in front of your unit and keep it free of all weeds and trash at all times. Tenants, ask your landlords if you are responsible for this.
  • Speed limits: The speed limit upon entering the development is 5 miles per hour. And, the speed limit throughout the development is 15 miles per hour.
  • Entrance and exit gates: only one vehicle at a time may pass through the gate. When someone is at the gate access panel/monitor, you must wait in line for them to pass through the gate. DO NOT go around them and DO NOT use your remote/card to open the gate for them or anyone.
  • Deck rails are not to be used for drying beach towels, clothing or any other items, hanging flags, etc. We must keep the outside appearance uniform.
  • If you are a smoker, PLEASE do not throw your cigarette butts into the mulch or in the grass areas – including your yard, your neighbor’s yard, or the common areas for fire prevention and appearance purposes.
  • Swimming pool:
    • Glass of any type and/or alcohol are NOT permitted.
    • Pool guests must be accompanied by the owner or resident at ALL times.
    • Every resident must have their green pool permit and every person at the pool must have a green wristband. To buy more wristbands, please contact the office during normal office hours.
    • Keep in mind that our pool is used by families and be respectful of others at all times.
  • Garbage: No garbage bags or containers are to be stored on the decks or outside of the unit for any length of time. This can lead to rodent infestation and is very unsightly and unsanitary.
  • Absolutely NO hazardous materials and/or liquids allowed in garbage bags.
  • Absolutely NO garbage bags and/or debris are to be left outside the compactor area or mail area. PLEASE use the trash compactor properly.
  • Disposal of large boxes: to dispose of large boxes, you must tear them down BEFORE placing them inside the trash compactor.
  • Disposal of furniture: No furniture is to be placed in or outside of the trash compactor. For more information, please call the office or review our General Info page here.
  • Pets: pet waste must be picked up and disposed of properly in the receptacles provided.
  • All pets must be on a leash at all times!
  • Noise levels need to be kept at a minimum after 10 p.m. Please respect your neighbors.
  • Exterior holiday lighting and decorations must be removed no later than 10 days after the given holiday.