Reminders For Condos

Repeated Reminders for Condo Owners and Residents

Updated May 2020

  • Only Gas Grills are permitted on your decks! Absolutely NO charcoal.
  • Porch shades are NOT allowed to be used. We must keep the outside appearance uniform.
  • Deck rails are not to be used for drying beach towels or for any other clothing or items.
  • If you’re a smoker, PLEASE do NOT throw your cigarette butts into the mulch! For fire prevention and appearances, use ashtrays or the receptacles that have been provided. Please do NOT dispose of cigarettes in the hallways, stairwells, garages or elevators. In the past, carpets have been burned and a fire could start, resulting in injury or death. Please dispose of cigarette butts properly.
  • Swimming pool: glass of any type and/or alcohol are NOT permitted. Pool guests MUST be accompanied by owner/resident at ALL TIMES. All attendees must have a green pool wristband and each resident must have their green pool tag permit when at the pool.
  • NO garbage bags permitted in the hallways or garage at any time.
  • Carry your garbage, do NOT drag it. This causes tears in the bags resulting in debris and fluids onto the carpets and walkways. Also, use quality garbage bags or double bag to avoid tears.
  • Do not place liquids in garbage bags. Absolutely NO hazardous materials and/or liquids allowed in garbage bags. Please avoid overstuffing the garbage bags, which could also result in tears.
  • All garbage bags and boxes MUST BE PLACED INSIDE THE COMPACTOR. Boxes must be broken down before placing in the compactor. After putting garbage into the compactor, you must close and lock the door then push the button to compact. This should be done EVERY time you use the compactor! Absolutely NO garbage is to be left outside the refuse area or mail center!
  • Furniture is NOT to be disposed of at the Refuse Area. You may call our office and we will tell you what arrangements you can make for furniture disposal.
  • Pets: Per our County Ordinance, pets need to be on a leash at all times. Pet waste needs to be picked up and properly disposed of in the provided receptacles throughout our development. Failure to pick up after your pet is unsightly, unsanitary and disrespectful to others in this development.
  • Noise levels in hallways/stairwells and parking lots needs to be kept at a minimum after 10:00pm. Please be respectful to your neighbors.
  • Exterior holiday lighting and decorations must be removed no later than ten (10) days after the given holiday.
  • All window treatments must be white or ivory in color when viewing from the exterior of the building.