2020 Pool Season

Updated June 8, 2020

Below outlines our community pool opening for the 2020 season. Please be patient with us as we implement best practices during the novel Coronavirus pandemic. Following federal, state and local guidelines, our procedures may change at any time. Updates will be posted below and homeowners will be notified via email. Landlords, please forward all information to your tenants

Consider this a “trial and error” period as we work to find the best and safest ways to operate. Check this page for updates.

If any of the guidelines are not followed, residents (and their guests) will be asked to leave.

The pool opened on May 30, 2020.

  1. Pool hours (updated June 5): Noon – 7:00 pm, 7 days a week (Monday – Sunday)
  2. Entry/Exit:
    1. Enter through the clubhouse front door. The pool gate will remain locked. If there is a private event at the clubhouse, follow the pool access instructions posted on signage near the main entrance to the clubhouse.
    2. Call for access into the clubhouse at 304-598-5815
    3. Temperature checks and symptom questionnaire will be done upon entry.
    4. Exit through the Internet Lounge.
  3. Extensive signage will be placed throughout the pool area and bathrooms/hallways.
  4. At the pool:
    • Maximum occupancy inside the pool area is 50 people.
    • Only 20 out of the 50 people are allowed in the pool water at a time.
    • No group gathering, except for same household families.
    • SOCIAL DISTANCING is a must, both in and out of the pool. (6 feet)
    • Per the CDC recommendations, masks should be worn when not in the water.
    • Chairs will need to be placed with social distancing in mind. We recommend using a towel to cover the chairs when in use. Chairs must be sanitized after use. You will be permitted to bring your own chair if you would like.
    • A sanitizing station will be placed in the pool area.
    • No shared items are permitted. (i.e.; goggles, toys, flotation devices, etc. except life jackets for children).
    • If kids are unable to practice safe social distancing, consider keeping them from visiting the pool.
    • Guests (June 5 update): You are allowed to bring guests with you when visiting the pool, but each guest must have a pool band when they come. If we reach occupancy at any given time, guests will be asked to leave. This is the only way to remain fair to those who LIVE in our community. If we reach occupancy, visitors have left, and there are still people waiting to get in, we will have to set time limits for pool-goers.
  5. Restrooms:
    • Men’s Restroom- maximum occupancy: 2 people
    • Women’s Restroom- maximum occupancy: 2 people

If the pool reaches full occupancy at any time, we will have to enforce time limitations to ensure everyone wanting to visit the pool has a chance to do so. This time limitation will be determined based on current circumstances.

Suncrest Village Pool