Home Maintenance Tips

The following routine and preventive maintenance suggestions are simply recommendations for property owners at Suncrest Village. You may find other helpful information from your homeowner’s insurance company.

HVAC Units

  1. Fall is a good time to contact your preferred HVAC contractor and schedule an inspection of your HVAC system.
  2. Change and/or clean your furnace filters regularly.
  3. Keep your vents and cold air returns dust-free.
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  5. Not sure what HVAC involves and don’t want to deal with it? Contact an HVAC contractor.


Here are a few easy and routine tasks that may reduce the risk of water damage inside your unit (and surrounding properties owned by others).

    1. Check for leaks under your sinks – especially after using them
    2. Remove hair from your sink and tub drains
    3. Address running toilets . . . . troubleshoot running toilets
    4. Call a plumber for an annual inspection of all water sources in the house. Don’t forget to include the refrigerator/freezer’s water line to the list of inspections.

Condo owners/tenants: plumbing issues in your unit may trigger damage to your neighbor’s unit and be a costly and unpleasant experience for you and all involved.

Fire Prevention

  1. Always empty the lint from your dryer’s lint tray after each use.
  2. Never leave home with the fireplace, oven or stove-top on.
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