Frequently Asked Questions at Suncrest Village

With more than 800 residents in our community, our goal is to constantly improve what we do and how we do it! To accomplish our goal, we rely on your questions and feedback. Below are just a few of the most commonly asked questions about living in Suncrest Village (SV). If you have a question that you believe would benefit other owners, residents and service providers at SV, contact us and we’ll add yours to the list.

Other frequently asked questions and important information for condo owners/residents can be found here and  for townhome owners/residents here.

1. How do my guests or service providers enter the gate if it’s closed? Guests/Service Providers must enter our property in the left lane and use the guest access panel at the main entrance to search for you by last name or your unit number, and then simply follow the narrated instructions. You will receive a call from our phone number. Once you answer the call, you have 90 seconds to determine if the visitor is someone you want to grant access. If so, press 9 on your phone. NOTE: if you are using an app to place orders, you must provide your name or unit number for the drivers. Residents should not automatically press 9 when they are called from the gate. If visitors or delivery persons can’t find your name, they may press the “Call Office” button on the main screen.

2. Are pets allowed at Suncrest Village? Condo owners are allowed to have cats or dogs with a weight restriction of 35 pounds. There are no weight restrictions for pets of townhome owners.  If you are leasing a unit in SV, your landlord may not allow pets. Best advice – ask before you sign a lease or get a pet. Pets must be on leashes in the community and pet owners are required to pick up after their pets. Litter bags are provided by the HOA; receptacles are situated throughout the community. Pets may not be permitted to“relieve themselves” in the hallways or on decks. Pet owners will be fined for not following policies.

3. I am moving to Suncrest Village soon. Do I need to contact the main office?  Yes, all owners and  residents are required to register at the main office during regular office hours within two business days of moving in and/or closing. And, residents moving into condo buildings with elevators must contact us in advance – at least three business days – of moving in so elevator pads may be installed.  Also, if you are moving in after 5pm or anytime over weekends, please contact our office to ensure you have access to the main gate. NOTE: commercial moving vehicles typically need BOTH entry gates opened. Call the office to make special arrangements. 

4. I am leasing a condo or townhouse at Suncrest Village. Who do I call if I have a problem at my place? For medical, fire or personal safety emergencies, call 9-1-1. For all other needs, call your landlord or your property manager contact person. 

5. I own or manage rental units at Suncrest Village. What do I need to do? If you own or manage a rental unit at SV, you and your tenants must register at our office. Check our current hours and have tenant(s) stop by the office to fill out our paperwork. Explain to tenants how the gate system works and be sure you collect all gate devices, keys, pool passes and pool bands, etc. from your outgoing tenant to give to your new tenant(s); otherwise, you will need to pay to replace the items. Landlords must inform us when their tenants are moving in and out.

6. I am a homeowner at Suncrest Village and wish to make changes to my home. Do I need pre-approval from the Suncrest Village Homeowners Association?  Yes, homeowners must contact our office for instructions in advance of making any alterations to their property. We expect owners to review the SVCHOA bylaws and/or the SVTHOA covenants and restrictions.  Feel free to contact us with any questions.